Thursday, 31 January 2008


whilst at the Anne Frank+ you exhibition at Liverpool Cathedral I also did some other stuff.

I sneaked a look at our Scouse Soap on sale in the shop ( and earwigged into two tourists laughing at the names which made me smile).

I went and had a look at Anthony Brown's portraits from his '100 Heads thinking as one'. There are a few of the 100 on display, and each portrait has pictures and press cuttings about the subject within the piece. I liked this one of John Lennon.

As I live just along from Penny Lane, quite often drive past the church in Woolton where Paul and John first met and live down the road from where they grew up (hence the Fab Four taxi tours can always been seen round and about) I often think how even though we don't realise it, somehow the Beatles are woven into the Tapestry of every Scousers life someway or another. maybe that's why we make Scouse Soap!

seeing through someone else's eyes

Liverpool hosted this years Holocaust Memorial Commemorations throughout January 08. There were some thought provoking exhibitions and events.

I went to Liverpool Cathedral to see the Anne Frank + You exhibition which runs until early Feb. Survivors who came to Liverpool on the Kindertransport to escape persecution and settle with foster families have been talking to school children during the event to give them an insight and remind us of how 'bad things happen when good men fall silent".

Having been ill I intended to just pop into the 'Respectacles' exhibition at the town hall to donate 3 pairs of glasses as they are all going to Vision Aid when the exhibition finishes. But I was drawn into the exhibition and the main hall. It was of thousands of glasses representing different communities who were pulled to pieces during the Third Reich's reign. Some were laid out on a train track to represent the camps and other spelled out the word 'Hope'. It was easily one of the most moving and 'get under your skin' exhibitions I have seen about the subject of the Holocaust and I am proud that Liverpool had the chance to host it.

I am going to Bosnia this year to do holistic treatments at a centre in Sarajevo and other work in local villages with people who suffered during the Balkans conflicts. It really brought home to me seeing this exhibition that the Holocaust was only several decades ago and though we say it must never happen again there are genocides occurring everywhere. We can do our bit, but politicians must do theirs, as actions speak louder than words and also save many more thousands of lives.

One quote from the exhibition stuck out too, it was both sad and optimistic at once, it was found, scrawled on the wall below a Star of David, by American soldiers searching a cellar of a bombed house in one of the war-torn cities of Germany. Whilst I am not religious it seemed very profound in so many ways. It could mean something to so many people in so many different circumstances.
"I believe in the sun, even when it is not shining. I believe in love, even when I do not feel it. I believe in God, even when He is silent."

and to end with some words from Anne Frank,” How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world."

Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Compassionate Shopping Guide - we're in it (:

Little Satsuma and Scouse Soaps are happy to be endorsed in the 2008 Compassionate Shopping Guide from NatureWatch (
The 80 page pocket size Guide provides a very practical and positive way in which you can make a difference. It clearly lists which products have been developed using recently animal tested ingredients, and covers most personal and household brands in the UK. Through making informed choices, you can use your purchasing power to support companies that have committed to cruelty free - you do have more power than you think!

Cruelty-free shopping needn't be difficult, once you know which companies do have an ethically sound approach to animal testing, and which don't. So keep this essential guide in your shopping bag - don't leave home without it!

Meeting Jane Goodall - Dec 2007

I got to meet Jane Goodall at a lecture at Liverpool University one evening in December 07. I have a quote on the website in 'Poems to Ponder' page, taken from her book 'Reasons for Hope' and she signed the book for me.
She is one of my heroes and so I was soooo pleased to share the same air as her for just a short time. One of Leakey's Angels she headed off to live in the middle of nowhere in Africa to study chimps. Only 5 days later I was in Mayfair at the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation Christmas Event and there she was sending a video message to us all!!

Just a shame I look like a right wally on the photo! (:

Lords & Ladies - Liverpool Theatre Network

Liverpool Theatre Network - Lords & Ladies. (with Duncan in an Orangutan Suit hired from the Orangutan Foundation (OF).
Thanks for Frank and everyone else we raised some money for the OF too.

info stand and free samples!

having a few days off the day job I have been rummaging around my photos this morning before I head off out.
Liverpool Theatre Network staged a performance of Terry Pratchett's (himself a Trustee of the Orangutan Foundation) and they hired the Foundations Orangutan Outfit which the poor actor had to sweat in throughout the whole performance on a hot summer evening.
We gave out leaflets and sample soaps and the programs had info about the Orangutan Foundation and why they need support.

Monday, 28 January 2008

a message from above (on the ceiling that is)

I did the London Worldfair for the first time in
December 07.
One of the weirdest weekends ever.
Friday I went to a leaving party and had a drink, did a radio talk show on Radio Merseyide, left there at 12am, went to bed a 1am. Got up at 4.30am on Saturday and packed the car and drove to London to do the Worldfair.
I drank redbull and was ill for a week after!
Left London at 6pm, got to Liverpool 10.30pm.
Had tea. went to bed. got up next day (Sunday), packed all the web orders and headed back to London at 1pm to get to an Orangutan Fundraiser event for 6.30pm.
The event finished about 10.30pm and we drove back to Liverpool again!
I had sea sickness by the end of it but it was well worth it.

And in the midst of that weekend, I looked over to the wall opposite me at the Worldfair (my stand was on the balcony) and saw this message as you can see on the photo. A message we should all take in and food for thought. I kept looking at it during the course of the day in between reading my newly signed Jane Goodall book 'A Reason for Hope' - and thinking about it indeed there are many reasons for hope, you just have to look for them and make them happen.

Girls Make Your Mark

Playing 'What's my line' at a really good event from the
Liverpool Make Your Mark Team. Held at Aintree Racecourse for about 200 girls from various schools on Merseyside. Hopefully it got some of them thinking about what they want to do and what they are capable of acheiving.

Ethical Consumer = Happy Little Satsuma

one of the best bits of 2007 was getting rated as a best buy in
Ethical Consumer in Sept/ Oct 07.

the latest addition...

in homage to Liverpool the 'Little Apple' is our apple, frankincense and
green tea soap.
Sold in most tourist places in Liverpool, it's gone down very well.

With the opening of the Hard Day's Night Hotel just at the top of Matthew Street in Liverpool on 1st February 2008 we are looking forward to spreading the Palm oil-free message to more visitors than ever before.

And Ringo won't be able to miss it as he can order online as we ship most places in the world..

Scouse Soaps

Me trying to be 'arty' with the Scouse Soaps

a night in barcelona

after a manic year at Little Satsuma and my day job, I got my first break away in November. Watching Barcelona beat Rangers in the Champions League. (:

the human world going to sleep

sunset. this is the time my brain starts going in to overdrive with ideas and new things to do! sometimes I wish I could switch it off for a bit.

a stark reminder

A reminder of why palm oil should be avoided. We all play a part in this every time we go shopping.

Wirral Food & Drink Festival

One of our last markets the website is getting
busier every day we have to spend more time on that, the brucey bonus is that getting up early at 6am for festivals and events is now a thing of the past! (: