Saturday, 29 March 2008

Hills & Peanuts

Sometimes this venture has been like pushing a peanut up a hill with our noses. Tricky, tiring, but there is a great view to be had at the top when you get there.
We have just got an order for soaps for the England Tourism Awards goodie bags for the event on 23rd April which is really fantastic news.
And The Orangutan Foundation have had a new member sign up through us which makes me very very happy.
We will be at the London WorldFair again in December and lots of other eco events.

And the long awaited palm oil free candles are nearly ready. It sounds simple, melt some wax, put in some scent and let it set.......300 candle trials or so later we think we've got the knack of making a candle that actually smells!

They will also be on sale at my friend's shop at the Bluecoat Centre in central Liverpool. see next blog x