Monday, 19 December 2011

It's nearly here!

We've been busy busy busy! Trade orders and web orders are now all packed and gone. We've had festive fun in munich, two great days at the St Georges hall winter arts Market and now just Lark Lane Christmas eve market then it's time for rest and wait for Santa and his reindeers. We've had also festive winter picnic at camp and furnace, the best venue in Liverpool, sat drinking mulled wine on hay sofas by a campfire with brass bands and fake snow. Camp and furnace rocks! More proper blogs on last few weeks along with some festive pics to follow. We are also moving premises in mid jan which has worked out well timewise after the Christmas rush. Hopefully moving along with our favourite artist, Sophie green, so we still get to admire her Beatles superlambanana art! Merry Christmas one and all. Little satsuma xx