Thursday, 28 February 2013

Guided by Compassion? Get the Naturewatch guide to animal friendly shopping :)

For over 20 years the Naturewatch Compassionate Shopping Guide has been the definitive guide to cruelty free shopping for cosmetics, toiletries and household cleaning products. Through making informed choices you can use your purchasing power to send a clear message to those who continue to profit from animal suffering. Buy your copy today – only £4!

Also very interesting to find out who actually owns the high street brands you know and the truth behind them as it's not quite what you might think at times...or be led to believe....

We are in it! :)

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Lark Lane Spring Healing & Holistic Day - In memory of Jim

This is my favourite poster so far for the healing days. I have been doing these for quite a few years now, its every 3 months and in Lark Lane Community Centre aka' The Old Police Station' in liverpool, L17 - just off Sefton Park.

Holistic Therapies, Veggie & Vegan food, music, chatting, stalls and general meandering :)

The next one is March 16th. It's dedicated this particular one to Jim O'Neil, who was my next door stallholder pretty much every time. He died just before christmas two days after retiring from Wirral Environmental network, he was always helping out with eco stuff, he ran the Community repaint scheme, had written (and published) some local history books, and was well just a general all round good hearted character.

I will miss being next to him in March and eating cake and teas whilst nattering and minding each others stalls whilst we had indian head massages or reiki. A bloody good egg, here's to Jim wherever he is.