Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Chikih & P Satsuma - The Kalaweit Sanctuary & Chanee

First off my fellow satsumas, if you tweet..highly recommend you follow @kalaweit. 

They saved a baby orang yesterday off a palm oil plantation.

Chanee who started Kalaweit is one of my major heroes and I nearly fell over when I bumped into him at the Hope4Apes event in 2010 I was volunteering at. When he was on stage with Sir David Attenborough he got a standing ovation for his talk. 

I first heard of him when I saw 'Natural World: Radio Gibbon' on BBC2, I think narrated by Sir Attenborough.
Cheeky Chikih :)
There is Chikih, a siamang, 12 yrs old, who was very ill when we first adopted her. She came from Jakarta in 2004 to the sanctuary. She was skinny and dehydrated when Kalaweit first took her in; having been kept in a small cage in Jakarta after hunters killed her parents. She had diaorrhea when she arrived and was very stressed out. And wowee the difference in her photos from even back in 2009 to now - she is happy, alebit her forest is gone, and she has a wild pig who comes to see her every day! :) 

We adopt her fully for €250 a year with some of the proceeds from sales on littlesatsuma.com.

This is the link to info on Chikih on Kalaweit's site: Chikih's Info

Peter Satsuma
Then there is Peter Satsuma, named after Little Satsuma, he's a gibbon, 5 years old. Chanee said I could name the next gibbon they rescued when I had contacted him and Nadege who was from Kalaweit too. Peter Satsuma was the first gibbon rescued into the new centre in 2010. Chanee said he was unusual as he was a white faced gibbon. The little fella has a knee fracture from some point in his young life.

Whenever Carlo sends news of them by email it seems Peter Satsuma has always been singing his head off. Which is apt as his first name is after a singer/ musician I used to save from various late night tangles and who I was madly in love with for a time and am still friends with.

We adopt him fully for €250 a year with some of the proceeds from sales on littlesatsuma.com.

This is the link to info on P Satsuma on Kalaweit's site: Peter Satsuma's Info 
Deffo take a look at their website: www.kalaweit.org and the amazing work they do. They also have an online shop...and you can also sponsor one of the rescued gibbons or siamangs online. They have sunbears too.

Chanee is truly someone who everyone will know of one day, his approach to conservation, saving animals and enviromental issuse is pioneering with the medium of radio out to the youngsters having a real impact.

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