Sunday, 8 September 2013

L'incontro....hello baby....

Clipart Leo Blanchette:
Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE LOVE Andrea Bocelli. I can't go see him without ending up with a tear in my eye. There are two songs that I love for their sentiment/ words rather than
necessarily being my actual favourites musically.
This is certainly one I never imagined I would ever sense myself....and yet now I am 39 weeks and 3 days pregnant I find it very meaningful :)
He sings it in Italian (my other fave he sings all in Italian) but this one starts with a poem, read by Bono of U2 and it goes:

While like a giant, proud and happy,
I take my baby in my arms, fragile, innocent, and alive
And like a little bird he's pushing against my chest
Abandoned, quiet and safe, for an instant, almost sweetly
My destiny appears to me like a dream

And I see myself, old and surrendered,
Seated there near the coalfire,
Waiting for the evening with the anxiety of a child,
Just to see him coming back home
With the gift of his smile, of his words and kindness
It's like a promise that can solve the enormous joy
Of one of his caresses

Then I wake up and I have already forgotten
But inside of me the kid's trapped soul advises me
That his new born child is already more important to me
than that of my own life....

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