Sunday, 23 October 2011

Just a few more things....

I have a lot more I want to achieve and I sat thinking about them earlier...

DJin a superclub, I already know what I will play. Failing that I will hire a villa in Ibiza overlooking the sea and as the sunsets - away from any other people so as not to disturb them -I will dance with my good friends. My friend Helen G and I, I think may be some of the only people who've ever been to Ibiza who don't take drugs and who danced longer than everyone else. I adore music, it's up there with my two pet bunnies for things I love the most.

Be bigger than the BodyShop one day

Run a successful events company

Get a Zoology Degree

Own a massive swathe of Protected Rainforest

Be a succesful Vegetable Grower

Win Strictly Come Dancing

Become a Wildlife Presenter

Alot of things I have done people said I wouldn't or that I'd fail...and to date I've not proved them right :))))

Thankyou Florence! Liverpool Marathon done :))

The range of emotions experienced training for and running a marthon are really quite something that take you from sheer fear and self doubt to utter elation.

The greatest thing to me is that it restores or bolsters your faith in human beings. I have run two marathons now and there is always a point just prior to, during or just after that I have a massive surge of emotion and want to cry. Actually usually it's before when I think about the 26.2 miles ahead!!!!

I found a new fave running song, courtesy of my friend Emma's sister, Claire, that I put on my ipod the day before. Florence and the Machine's "Shake it out" Benny Bennassi remix - immense. Followed by Emeli Sandé's "Heaven" - kept me running the whole way!

4 hrs 50 mins I finished in, all the super duper runners said it was v hard course and they all came around 15-20 minutes later than expected. So know I'm thinking ooh should I find a flatter marathon (Berlin) and get my golden 4 1/2 hours........just one more "Jim'll Fix it" medal!

Still got offline donations coming in, should be ready to go to Healing Hands Network to go with the online donations. Total donations so far £951.18, plus £236.00 of Gift Aid and then work matched funding of £951.18 is total of £2,138.36 so thanks for everyone who has supported me through this and egged me on when I was despondent at times before massive training runs of 15 and 18 miles! Thanks Gill Torres for dragging my ass from town to Liverpool Airport and back for an 18 miler!

I am going to Healing Hands AGM in the Midlands on 6th November so look forward to meeting some other members and hearing about their plans for launching and promoting their services to Armed Forces chaps with PTSD coming back from war zones. The £1,388 I've raised, on top of the £750 that was needed for my Bosnia trip, will be going to help launch and fund this service.


Bite sized Bard

I spent the day (after a hugely hectic morning) at Heswall Arts Festival's 'Makers and Designers Market". It was fab, they had "Bite Sized Bard" company there too doing some shakespeare and making us all jump out of our skin. Susan Lee-Brown was one of the organisers - she is a fellow resident of the same art studio space that is home to some of Little Satsuma's creative space for making candles and various other Harry Potter-esque endeavours!

I sat next to Tricia and her Dad, eating rather alot of the amazing cakes and fugde they were selling, chatting about Abu Dhabi grand prix, Egyptian history and various other things - I love having chats with people you've never met before.

So Thanks Susan for inviting us along and thanks Tricia for the Halloween cakes you gave me at the end - that I am just about to eat - yes I know it's only 10.40am, but hey it's lunchtime somewhere in the world. There's always time for cake. Ooh and I'm listening to Lana del rey's 'Video Games' whilst typing this - just utterly love it!! :)

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

A satsuma Monkey! We love gingers!

Did you see this picture of the baby Francois langurs monkey born in London Zoo last week?

Click here to read - he's a little ginger chap (so his mum can spot him when he's little) but he'll turn black as he grows up.

Pictures like this often make me wonder how anyone could ever think the animal kingdom don't have feelings like we do - look at the little chap holding on to his old Mum!

Great! love it! I will post pictures soon of my gibbon and siamang in Borneo. My Siamang Chikih is on great form now, she had been really ill and i think that was why no-one adopted her - so I did!